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 ・Legal Services

●Research on legislation and regulation in Mexico
 Research on restrictions on foreign investment and license or permission of different business sector, Confirmation of legality on investment scheme
●Preparation of contracts
 Preparation all types of contracts, such as Joint venture agreement, business alliance agreement, service agreement, lease contract, sales contract, etc.
●Dispute resolution
 Negotiating, as an agent, with business partners, land owners, employees, joint ventures, or third parties, preparation and sending of warning letters, court services, debt collection agent services
●Consultation on all kinds of legal subjects and others
 Daily legal consultations on company management, consultations on new businesses, Legal adviser, Surveyance services for ODA projects or government and public agency, etc.

 ・Services for incorporation, application for business licenses or matters relating to registration.

●Company establishment procedure
 Preparing the necessity documents for setting up new companies, branches, or representative offices, providing forms of such kinds of documents, agent for application or negotiation with authorities, and supporting to open the bank account
●Agent for application procedure for all licenses
 Supporting or agent for application for all kinds of licenses, such as the license for restaurant business or for financial business
●Agent for procedures of changing registered information
 Agent for procedures of changing registered information such as directors, shareholders, address etc.

 ・Labor matter

●Draft or review of contracts and rules such as employment contact, work rules, pledge letter at enter or retirement at the company, pledge letter at training and rule of wages etc.
●Explanation to the employees about contents of labor documents such as work rule and employment contract
●Lecture on labor laws for directors
●Provide the legal advice on daily operation (Violation of rule such as late attendance, illegal act)
●Agent for submitting to, registration for, changing and negotiation with labor office and social security office
●Agent service of negotiation at the retirement
●Inform the warning letter for employee who made unfair and collect the embezzlement money
●Correspondence to strike
●Representative of civil or criminal trials, representative of arbitration processing under laws concerning settlement of labor dispute

 ・Services relating Intellectual Properties

● Consultation on intellectual property
● Research on intellectual property
● Drafting required documents for application for trademark, design and patent registration, providing the form of them, and agent for submitting such documents
● Dispute resolution and negotiation regarding intellectual properties

 ・VISA matter

●Agent for proceeding application for visa and others relating to visas

 ・Services relating M & A

● Legal Due Diligence
● Company survey of the target
● Introduction of companies targeted
● Drafting of stock transfer agreement, stock underwriting agreement, business transfer agreement
● Notification to the administrative body required with M & A


 Spanish or English to Japanese
 Japanese to English or Spanish
 *Service fee depends on the volume and delivery date